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Environmental Practices

  Ice Guardians recognises that the planting of trees is not a perfect solution to the growing concentrations of atmospheric CO₂. This is due to the approximate 60 year lead time until the trees will be able to counteract the initial emissions. In order to minimise CO₂ and greenhouse gases in the first place, is to reduce the use of vehicles and general footprint. Therefore all of our trips have been planned to require minimal drive times, and focus on human-powered access to trip locations. 

  Ice Guardians carry out the principles of Leave No Trace, if you see any trash on trips please pick it up or alert the guide to it. Our route selections involve avoiding sensitive areas such as wetlands and rotating routes in order to allow for any regrowth. Trail building and maintenance is a big part of Ice Guardian's ethos, this reduces the trampling effect on Iceland's fragile vegetation.

  Our equipment is cleaned and disinfected by hand primarily with natural products that have small residence times in the environment, in order to reduce them entering water bodies. In Iceland (and other Nordic nations) there is the Swan eco-label certification scheme, we predominantly use only their accredited cleaning products. For more information see (Um Svaninn | Svanurinn – Norræna umhverfismerkið).

Click here for the Ice Guardians Environmental Policy

Carbon Offsetting

  Ice Guardians offsets CO₂ (carbon dioxide) generated by company activities. The primary means of offset will be done by contributing time to tree planting with the Austur-Skaftafellinga Forestry Association. Our guests have the opportunity to donate a tree for plantation, and even have the opportunity to plant a tree themselves during a trip.

You can also calculate your own CO₂ emissions generated by your return or transit trip to Iceland using this handy 



Take the Icelandic pledge

  Ice Guardian's environmental policies are in line with that of the Inspired by Iceland- Icelandic Pledge. We have taken this pledge to do our best to leave the environments we go into, the same if not better. Click on the logo patch and scroll through the pledges and add your signature digitally to the pledge list.

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